Wine News / December 3, 2012

Middle Sister Wines Holiday Guide

Sweeten up your holidays with Middle Sister Wines and Godiva chocolates

If there’s one thing we could love almost as much as wine – it’s chocolate. Here’s a Christmas wish from Middle Sister Rebel Red that we’re sure many of our fans can relate to: 

GodivaDear Santa,

My sisters all want different things this year. One wants a closet full of stilettos, another wants a surfboard, and one of my sisters wrote to you asking for world peace. I’ll settle for chocolate.

Especially Godiva.

Your favorite,
Rebel Red

Wine and chocolate pairings

What could be better than wine and chocolate during the holidays? Nothing. Right? Whether sharing wine and chocolate at your own soiree, or using as a hostess gift, these two indulgences are sure to please!

Take a look at these festive and delicious holiday pairings below: 

Middle Sister Wine and Chocolate Pairings


Celebrate like a Middle Sister

And if you’re wondering how to celebrate the season in Middle Sister style, take a look at a few of these ideas: 

Celebrate like a Middle Sister


Tunes to set the mood

Need some tunes to get in the holiday spirit? Just press play! The playlist below features some of Rebel Red’s favorite holiday tunes. For more great Middle Sister playlists visit:


Help a Sister Out

Don’t forget! You can Help a Sister Out through the end of the year – scan the QR code below with your smartphone, fill out the form including your zip code, and we’ll donate $1 toward a nearby food bank. One per person qualifies so get your friends to Help a Sister Out this holiday season.

[Need a QR Code reader? Try Paperlinks iOS: or Android:]

Scan this code to donate $1 to a local food bank

Download the full Middle Sister holiday guide [pdf].  


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