Videos / February 10, 2014

Digital Diva: Over and Overgram to Put Text on Photos

This is the second Digital Diva Digital Minute, and today, I’m exploring the iPhone app Over (99 cents) and their new, free app Overgram

Check out Over and Overgram to easily add text to your images & share with friends! On @winesisterhood #DigitalDiva [Click to Tweet]

Over is a simple yet very creative app that helps you easily add text onto your images and share them on your favorite social networks. You can check out how Over is being used by others on the company’s Instagram Page.

We’ve made some images of our own using Over and shared them in various social networks. Here are just a few…

We love Over because it combines the power of images with just enough text to provide context, funny messages, a hashtag. Perfect for not just Instagram but also Facebook and especially Pinterest.

And this week, Over announced that they’ve released a free app called Overgram. Overgram offers a lot of editing features for a free app including layers, labels such as talk bubbles and other colorful shapes, sizing, moving, rotation, and type with different fonts with different colors and textures.

You can get Over here.

Download Overgram for free here


Just watched a video by #DigitalDiva @alizasherman on @winesisterhood’s site about Over & Overgram. Check it out [Click to Tweet]


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