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Halloween: Not Just for Kids

Halloween Wine Bottles

Getting Cute or Creepy This Halloween

Happy Halloween! Can you believe it’s that time of year again? Time to put on a costume, carve your jack o’ lantern, and try not to indulge on way too many fun-sized candy bars. (In case you were wondering, a nice Monogamy Cabernet Sauvignon or Middle Sister Forever Cool Merlot would go nice with those chocolates, don’t you think?)

Whether crafting, cooking or creeping people out is your thing, we’ve got a few ideas that will keep you in the spooky spirit this Halloween:

The Cute

1. Skip the recycling bin and transform empty wine bottles into ghosts, pumpkins and monsters… oh my! Check out how Lisa Lombardo created these clever decorations here on her blog.

Halloween wine bottle craft















2. Don’t banish your pumpkins to the front porch! Make them dinner-party centerpiece ready with this sparkly idea.


The Creepy

3. Give your guests the heeby-jeebies by dropping a few gummy worm-infested ice cubes into their perfectly delicious cocktail.


4. Create a hair-raising surprise as party guests scoop out some bloody red drink with a complimentary ice hand popping up in the punchbowl. 


Here’s another creepy variation of the floating ice hand: Glow-in-the-dark hands with instructions from Middle Sister Wicked White.


The Cravings

5. Try a new twist on the traditional treat with these port wine-infused caramel apples from The Brewer & The Baker.

Port Wine Caramel Apples















6. Headed to a Halloween party or having one of your own? Bring along founding Wine Sister Natalie Wassum’s Classy Pimento Cheese Dip.

Classy Pimento Dip












Catch some more creepy, creative and crave-worthy ideas Halloween ideas on our Pinterest board.

What’s your favorite Halloween crafty tip? Share it with us in a comment below.

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  1. Jean @ RelaxAtHome

    A nice way to make use of the empty wine bottles and at the same time relate it with the celebration of halloween. Thanks for the ideas!

    30 . Oct . 2012
    • mary ann

      Thanks for your comment Jean. Do you have any favorite wine bottle crafts? Send us your photos, we would love to share them!

      30 . Oct . 2012
  2. 6 crafty wine bottle ideas | Wine Sisterhood

    […] Halloween: Not Just for Kids […]

    08 . May . 2013

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