Wine Sisterhood

What is a sister? A sister can be your parent’s daughter or not. A sister says you’re doing great even if you’re just hanging on. A sister will wash the dishes if you do the cooking. A sister says you don’t look good in that dress even though a saleslady says you do. A sister will pour you the last glass of wine. A sister is there for as long that it takes to get the job done, even if the job involves lots of baking. A sister is someone who loves you. Share this wine with a sister.
A portion of the sales of each bottle of Wine Sisterhood wines supports women and families in need.

Wine Sisterhood Courageous Cabernet Sauvignon

A big blast of beautiful berries, accented by an elegant framework of oak.

Stupendous with:

  • burgers
  • ribs
  • pasta
  • pizza
  • indie films

Wine Sisterhood Gold Medal Wine

Gold at 2014 San Diego International Wine Competition 



Wine Sisterhood Savvy Chardonnay

A stylish citrus celebration, crisp and fresh as a starched white shirt.

Try with:

  • seafood
  • salads
  • cheeses 
  • candles
  • bubble baths

Gold at 2013 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition


Wine Sisterhood Ravishing Red Blend

Lush black cherries with a touch of vanilla and spice.

Ridiculous with: 

  • pulled pork sandwiches
  • paella
  • grilled steaks
  • tailgating





Wine Sisterhood Passionate Pinot Grigio

Freshly picked nectarines and peaches, with light floral notes and a hint of lime.

Pleasing with: 

  • tomato & mozzarella salad
  • roasted lemon chicken
  • scallop risotto
  • bocce ball

Wine Sisterhood Gold Medal Wine

Gold at 2015 San Diego International Wine Competition 



Wine Sisterhood Magical MoscatoWine Sisterhood Magical Moscato

Delicious aromas of warm summer peaches with a dusting of lemon zest, followed by a lingering floral finish.

Magical with: 

  • Indian cuisine 
  • turkey tetrazzini 
  • cheese fondue 
  • porch parties

Gold at 2015 San Diego International Wine Competition