Women in Wine History… the Champagne Widows

Women in Wine... the Champagne Widows - Wine Sisterhood

Did you know that the French word for widow is veuve? You may have seen this word on a Champagne label—and maybe you’ve wondered why. In celebration of Women’s History Month, it’s time to go back to the 19th century when some savvy “sisters” broke the rules and created Champagne as we know and love it today. It’s a story of triumph over tragedy—with a happy ending for lovers of bubbles everywhere!

Widowhood allowed these women to assume roles unheard of for the time. Freed from status as “property” of their now-deceased husbands, these women fought their way to unprecedented power. They were the first female CEOs of France. From the style of the bottles, to taste, color, production—even marketing—their contributions shaped the modern Champagne industry.

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