Style / February 10, 2017

Wine-Inspired Valentine’s Day Gifts

It’s the Month of Love and we’re cooking up some out-of-the-box Valentine’s Day gift ideas for all of you out there who are looking for just the right thing. Here’s our list of wine-inspired gifts to make your sweetie swoon:

Monogamy Wines Valentine's Day Gift

The Secret Sauce

Perfect for the home chef in your life! Pair a gift of a homemade pasta maker with a bottle of Monogamy Cabernet, and don’t forget to include your family’s secret sauce recipe. Plan on spending quality time in the kitchen and across the dinner table over a delicious meal paired with a glass or two of Monogamy Cabernet.

promisQous Wine Valentine's Day Gift

The Blank Canvas

Inspire their inner artist with a present of promisQous Red paired with a set of blank canvasses and paint set. Turn up the music, mix up those colors and get to work on your own masterpieces at home. Let promisQous guide your hand and your creativity!

Tall Dark Stranger Wine Valentine's Day Gift

The Film Noir

Throw it back to a time when damsels in distress were swept off their feet by handsome hunks with a gift of tickets to a classic romance film, with plans to cap off the night with a glass of Tall Dark Stranger Malbec. Remember to wear your best Bogart-inspired Fedora.


Cheers to a very happy Valentine’s Day!


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