6 crafty wine bottle ideas

Wine Bottle Crafts

Think twice about putting that wine bottle in the recycling bin and instead turn it into a fun do-it-yourself project. We know how crafty our Wine Sisters can get with wine corks, so we hit the pages of Pinterest again to discover interesting ways to up-cycle your wine bottles. Here’s what we found:

1. A bottle of spray paint in your favorite color and a few clean wine bottles – even mason jars – can turn into colorful vases. With little effort, these painted bottles and jars can brighten up any room.  

Wine Bottle Vases

2. Make copies of your favorite old photos to make an eye-catching gift or momento. Use this tutorial to transfer them onto glasses or bottles.

Decorative Wine Bottle Gifts

3. Here’s a cute idea for Halloween. Create ghosts, witches and pumpkins with these Halloween wine bottle decorating ideas.

Wine Bottle Decorating Ideas


4. And immediately after Halloween, you can be ready for the winter holiday season with frosted wine bottle craft. Pretty and sparkly for a Winter Wonderland effect.

Frosted Wine Bottle Craft


5. This crafty idea involves cutting through a bottle. We found a no-blade-needed method here. With a few basic craft tools, you can make a beautiful new centerpiece such as these wine bottle candle covers.

Wine Bottle Candle Covers


6. For the more craft-savvy: You’re going to need a pair of safety goggles and a power drill for this one. Drill a hole in the back of a bottle of wine, add some string lights, and you’ve got yourself this wine-inspired holiday decoration.

Wine Bottle Lamp


And for the really ambitious crafty types: Collaborate with a few (hundred) of your favorite Wine Sisters and build your very own wine bottle house.

Wine Bottle House


Remember to check out our wine cork crafts post and explore more DIY wine bottle and wine cork crafts on our Wine Crafty Pinterest board. Looking for some wine to enjoy in order to build up your empty wine bottle supply? Check out our new online wine shop.

Happy crafting, Wine Sisters!  

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  1. mary

    love it all

    2012-09-10T23:42:31+00:00 Reply
  2. Sandra

    Creative and amazing

    2012-09-14T17:04:44+00:00 Reply
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  4. Sandra Reynolds

    I just added the strand of lights through the top and put a pretty stopper in the top.

    2012-12-12T20:34:24+00:00 Reply
    • April

      Thanks for that comment! I wanted to do something that would consist of no power tools haha

  5. Roxi

    I love the frosted wine bottle craft.

    2012-12-19T18:20:55+00:00 Reply
  6. Inspired Minute

    These are beautiful!!! Loving to celebrate birthdays (but disliking the expense), I made a “Wine Bottle Candle Gift for Friends” at InspiredMinute. They are incredibly easy and fun to make! Thanks for sharing these!

    2013-02-19T11:36:45+00:00 Reply
    • mary ann

      Thank you Tracey. We love your Wine Bottle Candle Gift idea – a crafty way to celebrate! Cheers!

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  13. sonja

    Love love love it. Can’t wait to try a few ideas.

    2014-07-23T10:10:31+00:00 Reply
    • Chelsea

      Thanks Sonja! Cheers to craftiness!


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